"How can you resist when baby I am dressed to kill"

I decided to separate everything into two separate posts, it was waaaayyyy to long to have it all in one.  So this is basically part two.

Three weeks ago I met with another family that I found out about from Care.com about a nanny job and it seemed perfect. They're military, only been here a couple of months, have a two and a half year old daughter named Finn and having a baby boy in July. They were so nice and Finn was adorable. I told them I had already talked to Ashley about leaving early if they needed me five days a week, but if possible I'd like to do both (meaning I'd work Monday/Wednesday for Ash and occasionally on Fridays, and the other days work for them), until school starts when I could do M/W/F every week and they were wonderful about it. She said that would be no problem at all since she's not planning on going back to work for a while. The pay would have been the same, if not more, and they said if I was willing to do so they'd pay for me to do a CPR course. They seemed impressed by all the different age groups I've worked with and they even made a comment about using me more possibly once the baby comes since I have so much experience of working with newborns in the nursery. They also said they were very interested in meeting with me again, but first had to meet with the other two people they had already scheduled and they wanted to call my references. They said I'd know something by the weekend after the next. Sounds good, right? Yeah, right. I used Ashley, Marilyn, and Melanie (one of my bosses in the nursery) as my references, and Ash had said numerous times she really wanted to talk to this couple. All three said they'd let me know when she called them. Barely a week after meeting with the family the mother sent me a message saying they had "decided to go in a different direction with their childcare at this time". She didn't call a single reference. Cooooooooolllll. 

I let Ash and Marilyn know I didn't get the job, we were all so excited about the idea of me not having to leave them early, and Ash was like, "They have no idea what they're missing out on. You're a gem!" Gotta love her. The day after I heard about the job Marilyn and I took the boys to run some errands. I can't remember what was actually said but we were talking about me being done with them at the end of July. Marilyn, all non-chalantly, said something like, "Or maybe not...you may not be." I looked at her, with one eyebrow raised, "What do you mean? Ash said my last week would be the week before the Colorado trip." "Right, but I can almost gurantee she'll need you for that week and a half before the boys' school starts when we come back. And maybe more..." Again I looked at her, "Okay, so maybe a few more days. What do you mean maybe more? Ash and Jeff can't afford to keep me during the school year, remember?" She nodded, "They can't afford it, but Bobby and I can. I really need you on those Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help with T, I can't get anything done if you're not there. I want to talk to Bobby about us paying you, I think he'll agree to it since he likes you. Don't say anything to Ash." I'd be lying if I said that didn't boost my spirits tremendously. I ran the numbers and I might still have to get another job to make up the difference, or maybe try to get more office hours at court, but it'd be worth it. Here's the thing though, I don't want Marilyn doing this because she feels like she has to/needs to or because she feels bad for me about the situation. If she really does need my help with Timothy, great. But I don't want to put her, Bobby, and Ash in an uncomfortable position just because Marilyn feels bad. I need to talk about it with Marilyn now that I think about it. I really, really, hope this all works out though. 

A couple of weeks ago Benjamin, the four year old, was basically glued to my side and it was adorable. I helped him build this epic Lego pirate ship he found in the garage and then, with assistance of course, I let him take pictures of said epic pirate ship outside with my Nikon (he loves getting to press the buttons and see the pictures he took). Then we "built yards" for the ants because Ben thought having a yard to play in would make them happy. We played outside a lot that day. Ben wouldn't let me leave his side at all that day unless he was in the bathroom. If I tried to grab my water real quick I was met with, "Murwissssaaaaa! Come back and play with me." If I got off the couch during iPad time to check or grab something he'd say, "Murwissa, just need me," which is BB's way of saying he wanted me to stay with him. Definitely one of my favorite days ever. Love that sweet boy. 

Later all. Name that title.

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