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Hi all,
The weekend before this past one was exactly what I had been needing. One of my absolute favorite authors and bloggers, Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess, is currently on tour promoting her new book Furiously Happy, and Saturday she did a book signing, and reading, in a town that's about 2/ 2 1/2hrs away from me. Needless to say I made damn sure I went. Bonus: the bookstore is dog friendly so of course I took Penny with me (Kristina tagged along as well). If you're not familiar with Jenny, I strongly encourage you to check out her blog here: www.thebloggess.com. Especially if you struggle with depression. Also, google "Beyoncé the Giant Metal Chicken" if you need a good laugh. You're welcome. I'll give you a minute to check her out..........are you done? Good. Back to my story. 
The book signing and reading was everything I could have hoped for and more. Mom, of course, was pissed about me going because I was "wasting money" to go see my favorite author. "What's the big deal?" she asked, "It's not like it's going to change your life or anything. It's not like she's going to talk to you, it's just going to be 'Hi! Thanks for buying my book. Bye!" **Sigh** "Mom, you don't get it," I said, "She's going to be doing a book reading from her new book and Jenny is known for talking with her fans. She takes her time. I may not get another opportunity like this again". Then she said I was being dramatic and started lecturing me about God knows what. I honestly have no idea what she was ranting about because at that point I just tuned her out and started freaking out internally about the idea of finally getting to meet Jenny freaking Lawson. 
As soon as Jenny walked into the room I totally spazzed. Like, I'm pretty sure I haven't spazzed that hard since my last Cher concert. She read two stories from her book, which was hilarious of course. Someone near me started laughing and Penny and when I looked down she was sprawled out on her back, showing off her tummy as usual, as if to say, "Ummm, no one is paying attention to me. I thought all of these people were here to see me". After the reading Jenny did a Q&A session and answered my question and I fangirled so dang hard y'all. Awhile back Beyoncé (the chicken...not the other one) had a leg fall off and Jenny had a bit of trouble finding a welder to fix him. Probably because the phrase "A piece of my cock recently fell off and that's not weird because it's made of metal and I need someone to help re-attach it". I encourage you to read about it here: http://thebloggess.com/2013/04/hmm/ . I felt the need to explain that because it has to do with the question I asked her, "Did you ever find a non-judgemental welder to reattach Beyoncé's amputated appendage?" To which she responded, "Well I wouldn't say non-judgemental...because it was Victor (her husband). He was like, '**sigh** you know, I could fix it for you...if you want'. So Beyoncé is good now, he was kinda lop-sided for a while". When it was finally our turn to meet her Penny was super excited and ran right up to Jenny to say hi and I swear y'all Jenny's face lit up, "I needed that!" she said. After she signed my book she was petting Penny and I said, "I almost stole one of my neighbor's mini-Beyoncé's to bring you but I decided I probably shouldn't go around committing felonies for you," and without missing a beat she said, "A felony means love!" because of course that would be her response. I was like, "By the way, Penny's pretty sure everyone is here to see her and you totally stole her spotlight. Geez, Jenny". She laughed, looked at Penny and said, "I know, I'm sorry!" I said, "See? You totally need a therapy dog for your anxiety. Or, you know, Penny and I could just join the book tour so you can get doodle snuggles when you need them. And we're totally game to hide under tables with you," and she said, "I know I do and OHMYGOSH YES. Best idea ever". And then she started following me on Instagram. It.Was.Awesome. Then Kristina, Penny, and I rushed back to our hometown to go see a really popular band play that grew up here. I can't say who they are because then I'd basically be telling y'all my exact location and that's probably not a good idea. I'll be following up this post with a not so cheerful one because I don't want to steal the joy out of this one. 
Later all.
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